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“One must learn by doing the thing, though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.”

The joys and benefits of experiential learning can never be overlooked. This year we have initiated the speech and drama classes for students of classes I-V to provide them a platform to develop the skills of expression and public speaking.

Science Club

Science Club has a wide range of activities that promote learning by combining recreational and educational factors. Representing interdisciplinary approaches to learning the carefully selected activities of the clubs, focus on the entire garnet of the development of learners in a cohesive manner.


Science Club Activities

Month Class V Class VI Class VII Class VIII












Air around us —
Vacuum cleaner

Separation of

Heat — Modes of

Synthetic Fibres


Systems in Human

Body movements

Acids, Bases & Salts

Force, Pressure &







Rain Water

Motion &

Transportation in
animals & plants



Introduction to


Electric circuit & Its

Chemical effects of Electricity







Simple Machine, Levers

Light, Magnets

Wind, storm &
Cyclones, Light,
Image & Object

Sound Vibrations,
Light &


Book reading Club

Book reading Club iinculcates a love reading amongst the students a reading club. A wide range of extra reading activities like Book Review Sessions, Drop Everything And Read (DEAR), Reading Log is organized regularly.

Green Ambassadors Club

Green Ambassadors Club aids in creating an SSR – STUDENT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, engaging students in all activities that promote a sustainable planet.


Dramatics Club

Dramatics Club forms the right platform for students skilled in creative theatrical expression.Dramatised Reading Sessions and Production of Drama are some of its key work spheres apart from serving as a major tool for teaching language.The club plays a key role in organizing the annual SPHS Drama Fest.



Literary Club

Literary Club instills in the students a love for literature apart from serving as a platform for mastering the nuances of Literary skills such as Recitation, Speech, Elocution, Declamation, Formal & Informal Introductions, Interviewing Skills etc.

TEDEd Club

TED-Ed’s mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of every student and educator in the world, and we’re excited to welcome you on the journey! Read on to learn more about TED’s global student voice initiative and how to get involved.

TED-Ed Student Talks Program:
  • A program that supports students in discovering, developing and sharing their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.
  • A space for students to explore, think critically about and discuss ideas.
  • A platform that helps students develop presentation literacy skills while connecting them to a global community

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INSPIRE and Young Innovators @SPHS

INSPIRE and Young Innovators @SPHS With an aim to celebrate Innovative Ideas for Quality Living , the school INSPIRE & YOUNG INNOVATORS CLUB engages students to brain storm and present original ideas related to different categories like energy, environment, transport, general household utility items and societal problems .The best ideas are presented to Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research -Million Minds Augmenting National Aspiration and Knowledge) INSPIRE MANAK , a national program by The Department of Science & Technology (DST) ,Government of India for attracting talented young students to study Science and pursue career in Research were the centre of attraction for the visitors.All ideas are developed int working models and presented during the annual science exhibition titled YOUNG INNOVATORS@ SPHS .


Teaching relevant, in demand skills that will prepare students to become innovators in an ever evolving world is the objective of this club . The club dedicates hours towards inculcating this scientific temper in students .The inclusion of the arts component into STEAM makes it more fun to learn, and more approachable to kids. Children are engaged in learning, and learn in ways that can hold their attention. The students co-relate and connect classroom concepts to daily life, real world , design and create working models that demonstrate the application of concepts learnt in the curriculum.The club is dedicated to bring learning hands-on activity based experimental learning into the students’ life.

Awakened Citizen Program Club (ACP)

The members of Awakened Citizen Program (ACP) club are exposed a series of sessions so that the infinite strength and potential inherent in every child can be manifested as wonderful possibilities in every walk of life. ACP club seeks to empower students in real and tangible ways to develop as enlightened citizens who can stand on their own feet and make responsible choices. The three core values guiding the activities of the club are ..

  • STRENGTH – to awaken students’ inner potential
  • HARMONY– to awaken students’ intrinsic oneness
  • EXPANSION– to awaken students’ expanded responsibilities
  • The club is open for students of of Grade 6,7& 8

Tourism Club

The Tourism Club strives to educate students about Heritage - movable and immovable assets of artistic, literary, architectural, historical, archaeological, ethnological, scientific value that embody the essence of a nation”and organizes Adopt a monument , Heritage Walks , Awareness Programmes, Poster making Contests ,Meet-the- expert sessions and Heritage Quiz etc to help students preserve, promote and propagate the wealth in tourist spots of the region .