• Events at St.Peter’s School serve to train the students in Life Skills such as Thinking , Emotional and Social Skills as well as bring in the culture of Harmony and Respect to groom each child into a Humane Individual .

    Conceived as a vehicle to foster growth and development in multiple aspects of the children and the teachers , The Drama fest at St. Peters presented the very best acting skills, imparting knowledge with the focus on theatre in education, building up self-confidence, thus marking a great success to the event. Students enthralled a large number of parents with their amazing performances.

    Students exhibited their talentwith superb articulacy, eloquence and of course confidence coupled with discipline.Shakespearan productions presented by the budding artists left people asking for more .
    The event has hundred percent participation from the students from every class, who were assisted by their class teachers and under the teachers guidance the students were given the chance to redraft the script to suit their play and time allotted.

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    Students are encouraged to raise their voice about social and global issues through creative expression .

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    Grandparent's day is celebrated to honor grandparents. It is a day that gives students of the school’s pre-primary block the opportunity to thank their grandparents for their love and support - a day of remembrance of grandparents, their affection, support, and care. That is not all , the Grandparents play games and receive prizes too I an activity that moulds students into loving humans .

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    5th September brings with it a joy with pride in the minds of all the Passionate Teachers at SPHS.
    Its a day the students display their love, affection and gratitude to their teachers with Infinite Smiles.The student council organises Games for the teachers.The students cheer their teachers as the Masters display their expertise off classroom too.

    The Management felicitates the teachers and appreciates their contribution towards the students’ holistic development. The fun-filled day holds numerous cherished memories for all, renewing their zeal to ‘ Let every Child blossom ‘.

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    National Festivals
    SPHS celebrates all national festivals to mould students into able and dutiful citizens of the Indian motherland and spread the message of world peace . The students put up a vibrant and colourful show with their performances which ignited patriotic passion and promoted the feeling of brotherhood among all present. The days are celebrated with tri-colored passion : Remembering the freedom fighters , Infusing Patriotism , and a Call to Quit Terrorism

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    SPHS is a school that truly equips the Young Minds to be Smart Kids.Keeping up the tradition of Nurturing Young Minds ....St.Peters group of educational institutions organizes Chess Fest annually wherein nearly 250+ students from more than 12 schools participate . Creativity, Memory &Criticalthinking .....these are the 21st century learning skills that are inculcated through regular hours of chess included in the regular curriculum equipping students with high levels of Multiple Intelligence!".

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    Language enhancement holds a special seat in the list of co-scholastics at St.Peter's High School.Hours of Literary club , Book Reading being a part of the regular timetable certainly pays rich dividends for the Peterites . The entire team enjoys participation and attribute it’s to the emphasis laid at school on Literary skills .

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    Language is our primary source of communication. It's the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. Some people even say that language is what separates us from animals and makes us human. English is the International Common Tongue. English is also essential to the field of education. On the Internet, the majority of websites are written and created in English. With good understanding and communication in English, you can travel around the globe. Most of the world's commercial entertainment is in English. It is important to learn English because it is spoken as a first language by about 375 million and as a second language by as many as around 750 million
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    St.Peter's Day
    29th June:
    St.Peter's Feast is celebrated with great fervour by the students of St.Peter's group of educational institutions in the premises of the school. Students present a feast to the eyes of the audience bringing to the fore the need for value grid in students while the dances and songs depicting the teachings of the Patron Saint Peter instil in the students the need to step ahead from knowledge towards wisdom , inspiring in the students to be leaders with optimistic thoughts leaving all students feeling zealous to step up their pursuits for human excellence.

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    On the occasion of International Yoga Day 21st June, students participated in a mass yoga session. Up keeping the 5000 years old valuable tradition of ancient Indians, the students of Grade 6 to 10 practice Yoga and Meditation under the supervision of a Master Yoga Trainer. Spreading Awareness about Yoga and it's benefits in one's life .Students are advised to practise yoga on a regular basis to improve their memory power and concentration . The program starts with Meditation and students perform simple and common aasanas such as saankaasana , bhujangaasana , makaraasana , chakraasanaetc . Inspired with the session , most students pledge to take up Yoga on a regular basis to lead a stress -free life .

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    The Investiture ceremony is a programme that inculcates a sense of social and civic responsibility among youth which would prove to be important for their success. The oath of allegiance is administered to the Captains, Vice-captains and Secretaries. The program ends igniting each student’s mind to contribute to their nation in a positive manner.

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    Prayer Service
    The school year begins with a Prayer Service seeking Almighty’s Blessings as SPHS begins yet another year of Edu-service.

    Annual Day
    SPHS organizes annual cultural extravaganza that forms the right platform for students to display their talent on stage , enthrall the audience with their performances , learning innumerable lessons in life skills.

    Art Exhibition
    SPHS provides a platform for artistic expression through creative works of Art and Craft. Students aesthetic creations win over all viewers’ hearts.

    Science Quest
    SPHS encourages students to conduct research , take up investigative projects with the profound belief that Exploration , Enquiry and Expression pave the way forWhole Brain Learning.

    Kids Carnival
    Food courts , Games , Music , Fun ….. unending moments of bonding and group dynamics. All these put together feature in the annual kids carnival , the proceeds of which are donated for the needy.. instilling in the children a culture of Joy in Giving.

    Passing out parade
    The out-going students pledge to practise the Values learnt at SPHS life-long and be Brand ambassadors in the outside world , ceremoniously passing the torch to their juniors .A moment of pride for all Peterites!

    Class Assemblies
    All classes get a chance to conduct the morning assembly and voice their thoughts , call for action on various social issues in an innovative way.

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