Learning Support :Students Health & Wellness

  • SPHS strives for Happy Schooling through a positive and creative learning environment.

    SPHS provides the services of a trained Health & Wellness Expert to ease out learning difficulties and drive away behavioral problems paving the way for Optimal learning.

    Enrichment Classes

    Students who are behind in their school work are put in a special section, groomed and trained under the supervision of specially trained staff with an additional resource teacher in each class to bring up their academic performance.

    Additional Help Classes

    Students who require additional support to overcome learning difficulties are trained after school.

    Remedial & Therapeutic Help

    Students are provided guidance for Remedial & Therapeutic Help to face their challenging areas.


    The focus the Health and Wellness Expert is on helping the students achieve academic and life success, Facilitate Learning and Academic Progress, Teach Life Skills, Modify Student Behavior by Working with Students, Parents/Guardians, Colleagues and External Professional Associates.