St.Peter’s High School provides much-needed educational facilities to the public under the neighbourhood school concept. Today, the school provides highest quality education and caters from Nursery to Class X and is assisted by a highly qualified 150+Passionate facilitators . As far as the academic excellence is concerned, the school has an illustrious record of 100% results at the Board Exams since inception, out of which 70% are inevitably A Graders . St.Peter’s High School has ensured that its portals of education provide the highest quality education at the most reasonable and affordable fee. Being Eco-concious, the school has installed a 50KW Solar Power Plant on Campus.


Spacious playgrounds provide the much needed mandatory open space required for any school. Well-equipped and safe play pens in the pre-primary and primary wings provide the little ones with adequate open space to explore and enjoy as they play.
SPHS has about 80 well-ventilated with fully digital inter-active boards and projection systems which make up the Learning and Teaching space. At SPHS , to make the learning more comfortable, every classroom is provided with air conditioners
Bio / Physics / Chemistry Labs, Math Lab , Computer and Language Labs :

SPHS has laboratories equipped with the latest and modern facilities that are upgraded at regular intervals to meet the needs of emerging trends and technologies in every field.

The Computer Lab has the latest servers with Windows 2010, Windows NT and Linux as the operating environments that are supported by a sound network facility that allows for easy accessibility by students. This is backed up by latest high-speed laser printers, photocopiers and A-3 Color DeskJet printers.

Image Well equipped high technology based Science and Mathematics Laboratories complement the Classroom teaching aids. The concept of “education without pressure” is evident in the school’s teaching pedagogy.

A separate Science Lab exists with well-equipped facilities for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This allows students to work on cutting edge experiments thus enhancing their understanding of the subject area.

Image A separate Math lab is provided to make Math more interesting to include all types of learners. The Lab facilities are well-supplemented by professional teaching methodologies that allow students to explore the wonders of science and kindle in them a fervent desire to pursue scientific experiments with passion and commitment, even after they leave the school.

To enhance listening and speaking skills of the students in Communicative English as well as Indian Languages , the school provides digi-resources by way of e- language learning , wherein students develop better communication skills which is the order of the day.

Knowledge Center
A centralized Knowledge Centre connecting all the classrooms digital boards, also serving as the digital teachers’ resources centre for effective class transaction, which is supported by Edu–comp.


To enhance effective and efficient reading skills, SPHS has awell equipped Library with numerous books ranging from fantasy to fiction, the best of Encyclopedia. Associated reading activities form a part of the daily curriculum as Library , Literary Club , Reading Projects to inculcate the Reading for Pleasure habit in every student which together pave the way for the knowledge augmentation skills .

Children are encouraged to be a part of the NIE (News In Education ) program by The Hindu .
Sporting Facilities
SPHS has a Triumphant Journey of Achievements in the field of sports.

Be it Cricket, Swimming ,Football, Kho-kho, Chess, Hockey, Tackwando and Basketball, students have won laurels to the school. Well trained professionals in and out of the school take up students’ systematic training in these sporting activities.

Image Extra coaching is given to the students who are interested in a particular sportoff school hours. SPHS students represent with significant contribution at inter school, State and National level matches and competitions.

To add on to the development of the child, SPHS has swimming facilities which are a part of the daily curriculum for all children. Clean and clear ambience in and around the pool is ensured which provides an optimal atmosphere to build the skill.

Facility for net- practice with night lighting too shows the school’s commitment for nurturing budding sportspersons .


Quality and top class performances and achievements by the sports department is yet another feather in the cap of SPHS. To make a note our Students created a world record for highest partnership for any wicket anad eclipsing Saching Tendulkar and vinod Kambli record.

At SPHS , students are encouraged to train and excel in sport , guide and counsel the young sports enthusiasts to strike the right balance between sports and academics .

Audio-visual Learning Centres
SPHS has spacious and fully equipped Audio-visual learning Centres to train students in Co-scholastic areas such as Visual and Performing arts ( Dance, Music, Art &Crafts ), life skills , monthly CCA , Science club, literary club , Dramatics etc., to bring out the hidden talents of the children.
Multipurpose Halls
SPHS houses 3 multi-purpose rooms that serve to hold Inter-house contests , PTMs, External Speakers’ Motivational sessions , Faculty Training Sessions etc.

SPHS provides a modern school bus fleet driven by trained drivers and attendants which allows students and faculty members a comfortable journey from and to their homes.
Security And Safety
  • Sensitisation and Awareness sessions for Teaching staff , non-teaching staff , transport personnel and other employees regarding the guidelines, norms related to Child safety .Seeking undertaking from all employees towards Child Safety Practices.
  • Sensitisation and Awareness sessions for students.
  • Sensitisation and Awareness sessions for parents.
  • Drivers were given safety norms orientation by experts from the industry.
  • All entries are closed once school day commences, a single entry is used for visitors and parents with due procedure of recording the details of the visitor / parent.
  • Issue of visitors’ pass after due entries in the visitors’ register.
  • Issue of parents’ pass after due entries in the visitors’ register.
  • Use of ID cards by all on campus.
  • CC monitoring of all classrooms, entry/exit points is meticulously followed.
  • An exit plan wherein students are permitted to disperse in a phased manner is being followed.
Other Facilities
Skill Development:
SPHS offers skill development after school , besides regular co-scholastic areas during school hours, in categories such as Band, Music (vocal & keyboard), Cricket,Swimming, Tackwando, Hockey, Dance (western and classical), Chess, Abacus, GAIT - Grooming Artistic Talent and Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, IT for Class IX-X etc.

Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs)
SPHS believes in engaging parents actively in all it’s activities .Frequent Parent Teacher Interactions wherein parents are updated about the child’s overall Development , quick follow-up on parents’ suggestions and feedback pave the way for active parent engagement .The teachers write about each child developmental remarks in form of ‘Grow and Glow’ , giving precise details about areas for Improvement and Areas well appreciated . SPHS encourages it’s Parents and students to actively participate in improving the school by offering their suggestions. They are requested to give such suggestionsin writing and drop them in the suggestion boxes kept in the school campus.


Internet Connectivity
SPHS has the latest and the most high speed Internet connectivity backed by a variety of digital learning resources like multimedia projectors, LCD screens and audiovisual gear, etc, allow students to use modern learning mediums like CDs and Online content. All this facilitates for a modern learning space and proper disseminations of presentations and demonstrations.

Five Rainwater Harvesting pits are maintained by SPHS to save ground water levels . Seggregation of Wastes in all the classrooms is yet another facet of SPHS’Ss eco-consciousness.
School was arded by Schneider Electrics as the Best Green School.