Student Life

  • SPHS provides an array of Sports, Visual &Performing Arts, Clubs &CCAs sowing seeds for childrens’ skill development making student life pleasurable and treasurable.
    Visual &Performing Arts Student Clubs Co-Curricular Activities Learning for life
    Visual Arts – Arts and Crafts
    Art and craft at SPPS young learners explore different media of art and craft in form of drawing and painting, collage making, clay modeling etc., developing awareness of various art forms in and around the environment in a creative, productive and joyful manner. Students take up wholesome art education. This helps us develop aesthetic sensibilities and respect for social values and cultural heritage.

    Performing Arts – Music and Dance

    All the students learn the rhythm of sound Compulsory hours of music is one of the factors that instills a sense of calm and discipline in young Peterites energizing their minds to excel. With grace in bodily movements and some time off to get lost in the world of Dance classical, fusion, contemporary, global whatever be the form, Dance classes bring that smile and grace that comes naturally to every Peterite.

    Work education

    Our students take up learning skills in textile dyeing, printing and aesthetic crafts construction aimed at restoring dignity and respect to all types of manual work, promoting self-reliance through a development of proper work skills and values. These practical skills equip our young preterites with need-based life activities beneficial when they enter the world of work.