International Collaboration

Striving to bring in a change towards process and value oriented experiential learning; SPHS is embedding international work into it’s curriculum.

International Collaboration is a benchmark Initiative that accredits SPHS as having an outstanding level of support for Nurturing global citizenship in young people and to Experience multi-cultural learning through virtual resources and classrooms.

SPHS engages it’s students in Collaborative Projects :
‣To engage our students in activities with a global edge to raise their fluencies in the 4 Cs
‣ To provide a learning experiences that will sensitise each child in developing a Multi- cultural dimension connecting with classrooms across the globe
‣ To celebrate the joy of innovative pursuits and add a global dimension to the classrooms .

Acts of Green
The project allows students across Grade IV / V to explore Environmental Campaigns associated with Earth Day in Cameroon, Vietnam , Peru and India ,and analyse critically their impact.,

The project allows students of Grade I / II / III to take a trip around the world reading books, trying native foods, listening to native music and earning appreciation in from of Passport Stamps to visit the countries of Thailand, Italy, Mexico.

Nutritious Food School Initiative (NFSI)
The project enables students of Grade VIII to explore and understand patterns of eating, trends and choice of Physical activities in school children of USA, UK, Australia and India,their status of overweight and Obesity and draft a Nutritious Food Policy to solve the problem


Disaster Risk Reduction Measures for EarthQuakes
The Project allows students across Grade X to explore, examine facts about occurrence of Natural Disasters in form of Earthquakes in Japan, Ecuador,El Salvador and India and evaluate the Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) Practices


World Heritage Sites' Conservation
The Project enables students of Grade IX to learn about World Heritage sites in Cambodia, Guatemala, Ireland and India- their history & traditions, cultures, about ecology and the importance of protecting biodiversity for multidisciplinary perspective in archaeological management.


Ethnic Folklore Festival
The project will enable students of Grade VII to discover, distinguish, understand ethnic folklore from Singapore, Poland, Brazil and India with regards to creative collision of traditional Visual and Performing arts.

Project Tigers
The Project enables students of Grade VI study and ensure viable population of tigers for ecological values, preserve the species as a natural heritage for sustainable global biodiversity

SPHS has initiated Collaborative learning through Projects focusing on current Global issues .This provides students a platform to be engaged with students of other nations and equip themselves with Core Skills needed to be a Student with an International Outlook Today and a Worthy Global Citizen Tomorrow .

Journey of Collaborative Learning in 2016-17

Grade Title Of the Project Countries for study
X Disaster Risk Reduction Practices Japan,El Salvador ,Ecuador
IX World Heritage Sites Conservation Cambodia , Guatemala , Ireland
VIII Nutritious Food School Initiative Prevention of Child Obesity USA ,UK,Australia
VII Project Tiger Amur – heilong , Borneo - Sumatra
VI Ethnic Folklore Festival Singapore , Poland , Brazil
IV , V Acts of Green Vietnam ,Peru,Cameroon
I , II , III Read and Eat around the World Mexico,Italy,Thailand

SPHS is also a part of the Global Learning Circle : Environment wherein the students are sharing their perspectives on the Global issue Environment with schools from Morocco , Aotearora ( North Island of NewZealand ) , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Tunisia and United States .

Projects done by Students:
Project done by Grade 9 student's
Project done by Grade 3 student's work titled My Heroes